Oh No! Not Another Intense Muscle Building Program That’ll See You Getting Ripped And Big Better Than Anything Else You’ve Ever Seen Before…

If you’re into body building, then you’re probably pretty immune to all the hype surrounding every new program brought out that makes promises of massive gains and the lean ripped look simply by following a training Monster Mass review Monster Mass Review   Is Mike Changs Muscle Workout Good?regime that’s better than anything else you’ve ever seen before.

However, Monster Mass is the product of renowned muscle man and trainer, Mike Chang. And no-one can deny that this is a guy who certainly knows how to put his money where his mouth is – with some pretty amazing results… So we’ve put our cynicism to one side (well, as much as we can do), and decided to get down and dirty with the program that’s got the body building world buzzing with the alleged results.

For the “real” lowdown on whether Monster Mass is actually worth spending your hard earned dollars on, read on. It certainly gives some food for thought…

What do you get for your money?
Okay, so the sales hype surrounding Monster Mass says that it’s not suitable for lazy people or whiners. So let’s see if it offers anything new, or is just a re-hash of the same old, same old that we’re all so sick and tired of seeing being offered.

Monster Mass consists of the following:

  • The Monster Mass Diet Training Video and Training Guide: The crux of the program, based on the premise known as “Monster Sets.” These are the culmination of years of research, training and exercises from Mike Chang’s many years of experience training thousands of different clients and helping them gain greater blood flow to your muscles. Monster Sets are extremely intense – agonist:antagonist supersets consisting of two sets of exercise carried out at maximum intensity back to back and working opposing muscle groups. These workouts are combined with the correct diet, nutrition, supplementation, mindset and coaching.
  • The Monster Mass 15 Universal Laws of Muscle Building Video and E-Book: where you get to follow your workouts live, along with Mike and his crew as you carry them out. This means that you don’t get to follow some vague diagrams – you get to see each exercise with your own eyes, and mimic the exact way in which to carry them out for maximum effect.
  • A 30 Day Supply of Afterburn Fuel: the very same pre-workout supplement Mike himself uses during his Monster Mass workouts.
  • 30 Days Trial Membership to the Monster Mass Advanced Fitness Coaching Program: providing you with a new DVD on a monthly basis that shows you advanced exercise and nutrition strategies. Along with this you also get unlimited email support and coaching from Mr. Chang’s own personal trainers.

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Who is it for?
Right then, Mike Chang certainly isn’t kidding when he says this is not a training program for the faint-hearted. This is not a product that’s suitable for anyone who’s not already pretty fit. So if you’re just starting out on your personal training journey, then this is probably not going to be the one for you.

But if you’re into your training and are wanting to move on from the stage of simple fitness – in other words, you want to build muscle and get lean and ripped, then boy is this a home workout program that could well have been produced with you uniquely in mind. And it’s not just suitable for the boys (although this is obviously Mr. Chang’s target market), because there’s plenty of girls out there who also want to make the most of their muscle tone and hone their body to the best of their ability.

Who is Mike Chang?
mike chang 246x300 Monster Mass Review   Is Mike Changs Muscle Workout Good?Surely anyone who’s serious about fitness and building muscle has heard of Mike Chang! And if you haven’t then you should be… Because Mike is one of the industry’s best known guys for helping people get the results they desire.

Author and producer of such successful home workout programs such as “Six Pack Shortcuts,” he provides regimes that can be happily carried out at home, with no gym equipment whatsoever – meaning that every second of your workout time is spend “working out’” as opposed to wasting time and effort driving to and from the gym.

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The Pros

  • Monster Mass is not simply a workout program. It’s a complete system that encompasses everything you need to gain the muscle growth you need. This includes nutrition and diet, mindset and the coaching you need to continue on your journey: the journey to get bigger, leaner and fitter each and every day.
  • Monster Mass not only tells you what you should do, but also what you SHOULDN’T do as well. It covers many of the common diet mistakes many body builders fall into, and that prevent them from gaining the muscle they want even if they are managing to follow the correct workout plan.
  • By simplifying the reasons of what’s needed to gain muscle, the Monster Mass program gives you not only the understanding and knowledge to gain muscle fast, but educates you in exactly what is needed to get the results you’re striving for.
  • Results with Monster Mass are fast… real fast. And no, it’s not an easy program to follow, but if you truly want to change your size and shape within weeks, then this will give you the exact method in which to do it.

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The Cons

  • Monster Mass is, without a doubt, hard! Really hard. So you need to have the grit and determination to follow it. But if you’ve got what it takes, then everything you need to know to reach your targets is right there at your fingertips. But if you’re looking for a magic potion to make you look like a muscle man, then we’re sorry, but Monster Mass isn’t it (n fact, there is no “magic” way to get that lean, ripped and bulked look that so many aspire to but only a very few people ever manage to attain).

The Bottom Line
So, if you’ve not already worked it out, Monster Mass certainly delivers results – but it’s only a program that the most determined will ever be able to follow. If you’re already in pretty good shape, and are prepared to put in the necessary work, then it will certainly deliver exactly what it promises.

In fact, this is one of the most effective home workout programs that we’ve seen in a long time. If, and that’s a big if, you’ve got the willpower and determination to follow it. But then, who ever said that getting that body to die for would be easy? And if you really want it, then, boy oh boy, is this the path to follow to get it…

get instant access Monster Mass Review   Is Mike Changs Muscle Workout Good?


mike chang A Mike Chang Review and Look At His Fitness Products is a certified personal trainer who has been quite popular in recent times. He is not just an ordinary gym trainer. Mike Chang wanted to share his insight with people who needed it. Hence, he started sharing his knowledge via his YouTube channel. As a result, he has made his presence known to the world. Usually, Mike Chang’s videos on YouTube receive over 100,000 views. In some cases, this count is over 300,000 views. He has over a million followers who maintain a keen interest in whatever he has to say about body building.

His training techniques have helped numerous guys get a good physique and experience the same kind of results he did. His training techniques are suitable for all body types and individuals with different routines and lifestyles. Mike’s training techniques can help any guy get six pack abs in no time.

Due to his success, Mike has decided to devote his life to teaching people about getting a good physique and abs. His knowledge about bodybuilding is vital as he knows what works and what does not. Through his YouTube channel and a wide range of products, he demonstrates how you can get six pack abs soon.

Six Pack Shortcuts
Six Pack Shortcuts is a very simple guide for those who want to lose weight and build muscles. This ebook is comprehensive and talks about many different exercises you can perform to target certain muscle groups in your body. There are many people who are unable to keep up with an exercise program and quit mid-way. However, you don’t have to worry about it with Six Pack Shortcuts. The program only runs for twelve weeks. But you can continue it further if you want to maintain a good and healthy body. For the duration of the program, you just have to train for five days a week.

Monster Mass
As the name suggests, Monster Mass is an extensive muscle building program intended for people with an average build or skinny physique. Monster Mass is not for people who are looking to lose weight. This guide suggests intense workouts with monster sets. Each set has two difficult bodybuilding exercises which are performed back to back without any rest. Monster Mass is not just a basic workout course. When you sign up, you also receive other bonuses like :

  • Monster Mass Diet & Recipe Guide
  • Muscle Building Video and Ebook, describing 15 laws of bodybuilding
  • Afterburner Fuel pre-workout supplement, 30-day supply

Insane Home Fat Loss
This program focuses on intense 30-minute workouts to burn fat quickly. Insane Home Fat Loss is a program that includes Mike’s efficient and effective ‘Zero Willpower Eating System’. In this program, Mike also tells you about preparing healthy meals that can be prepared quickly. Moreover, he also discusses the right kind of ingredients that burn fat quickly. Even this program comes with additional bonuses including :

8 Home Fat Loss Workouts
10-Minute fitness test
15-Minute instructional video about exercises
Simple Fat Loss Diet Ebook
30-Day trial membership to Advanced Fitness Coaching Program

Every product of Mike Chang has its own benefits. With high experience and expertise, his products can help you burn fat and build muscle in no time. All you need to do is be dedicated to a program and go through with it.


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